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Random musings d/t a post I read here on Tumblr

Because so many love stories end in happy endings, most people think they are unrealistic. What people fail to notice is the conflict in between; the twists and turns experienced by the protagonists in the story. Had it ended there, it would have been a tragedy and therefore more suitable to reality. But it didn’t hence the happy ending. As real people though, we have to realise that we are just like them and that our story is not a tragedy… We are still just in the conflict chapter of our story.

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with our generation.
Perhaps we have just become products of that constant change they are always talking about.
Perhaps, the only thing wrong with everything is the constant comparison of all generations.


Must keep in mind. Lately, the feel is getting in the way of getting up on most days.

Must keep in mind. Lately, the feel is getting in the way of getting up on most days.

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It seems as if we have feigned a willingness to learn by paying for an education.



There is no way or words that I could possibly begin with to describe exhaustion. It had concealed itself to me through a million disguises for which I find difficult to unveil. For one, it has disguised itself through what I thought might be my happiness, leading me to places where I thought I could find rest. It would hold my hand and then we would begin to walk.
And walk.
Sometimes running.
Then walking again.
Tired from the journey, we would sometimes arrive at a destination, somewhere warm, almost cozy and it in turn would project itself through the sun. Its warmth would embrace my face with a temporary solace until it seeped deep within my skin until it could not be endured anymore. Even the shade did not provide relief from the torment of the scorching sun. And as I did before, I become convinced by exhaustion to leave and walk again without really recovering from the previous journey.

Truth be told, I am weary from all this traveling. I am worn out from settling down in destinations I thought would provide me some sort of refuge. Exhaustion has revealed to me that there is indeed no place to run to or to hide in and beyond that, I have forgotten the sensations attributed to appreciation and satisfaction.

The irony of reality is that we barely encounter anything real.


What I like about us is the lack of pretension.

I guess, it was the comfort that you somehow knew me before we even got close that led me to be myself despite the urge to appear as a better version of myself. Yes, we were never really close… Heck! At a certain point in my life I somewhat hated you for what you did hence, part of my adolescent life was probably spent avoiding you altogether. But you somehow knew who I was and what I had always dreamed to be; that particular Sab prior the twists and turns occurring after 2008 that I truly do miss. I have a million reasons not to smile, to cry and probably just isolate myself but, although it may seem too early to say (because I have no idea to how long you might be staying in my life), I’m thankful that I can come home on weekends and be that Sabrina that my late father knew and for that, I truly am grateful.

All his lies still sound better than your truths.

Despite all words, despite all actions, I feel myself responding to my natural reflex of always pulling back. Growing up, getting used to good things being taken away once life feels I’ve had my fill has me expecting, constantly awaiting, anticipating the day this will all come to an end. I’m trying though, trying to give, reciprocate and somehow be open to things that may come my way. Hopefully, these circumstances are genuine and 100% real because frankly, if all else prove to be false, I might as well just stick to myself. After all, isn’t that all that I’ve got?

There is a part of me that feels like you know me. That somehow despite the shortcomings of being a human being, you have the ability to see through me and know what it is that makes me tick. It’s a frightening thought to actually consider you in my life and despite my mind’s objections, I’m going to let you in anyway…

Well, someday.

The struggle to slumber is a battle to dream

That despite all reality, nothing is truly what they seem

You never really recover do you? Still really do miss you dad.

Honestly speaking,  it hurts when the one person who you thought would never leave you after a history of people always leaving you, gets taken away from you.

Never change for anyone and never be ashamed of who you were or what you felt in the past.

There is not one person in the world that deserves to beg or pay for affection. We deserve affection, love like a gift. Genuine, freely given and thoughtful despite of who you were, are and could be.

You’re a little full of yourself huh?