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When I get through with you, you’ll look like… What do you call beautiful? A tree. You’ll look like a tree. - Funny Face (1957)

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I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.

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You make me feel so insignificantly significant; the beauty of a contradiction.

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She was an exquisite creature. She had very beautiful manners and a very feminine way. She was also, I think, capricious and a bit perverse which made her interesting of course.

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I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.

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'[Anne] Boleyn was the crucial catalyst for three of the most important events in modern history: the break with Rome causing the English Reformation, the advent of the nation state, and the birth of a daughter whose forty-three years on the throne stand as England's most spectacular literary and political success story.'

—Lacey Baldwin Smith, Anne Boleyn - the Queen of Controversy. (via mistress-tudor)

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